What is BIOZINY?

BIOZINY is a set of Advanced Materials based Antimicrobial Technologies for Surfaces and Spaces

Wall Shield+

BIOZINY Wall Shield+ is a ZnO Nanofluid based Antimicrobial Clear Top Coat for already painted walls

How is Wall Shield+ different?



A versatile top-coat: Wall Shield + is not a paint, but only a transparent topcoat. Thus versatile. Can be applied on already painted surfaces.


One need not go for painting the whole wall, but if required certain high touch areas at Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, offices can be coated.


Wall Shield+ is the safest among its competitors.


BIOZINY is absolutely clean with no harmful ingredients. It is completely water-based with hardly any odor.


Occupational Exposure Limits of BIOZINY Wall Shield+ is higher than its peers making it the safest among other similar products.

Acts as an Air Purifier: Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles are Photocatalytic. This means they generate Reactive Oxygen Species or Super Oxygen when exposed to light. This leads to the decomposition of Volatile Organic Contents, thus acting as an air purifier.


Preserves Colour of Paint: Nanoparticles of ZnO is a broad-spectrum UV absorber. Unlike TiO2, it absorbs all the UV rays (UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C) Thus if applied as a top-coat, it will help preserve the color of the exterior coat as the coating will not allow the UV rays to destroy the pigment.


Controls Pollution: BIOZINY Wall Shield+” can also be used on walls where the pollution level is high, like a tunnel or Indoor parking space or on walls/building-exterior beside busy roads or hospital/school buildings (These are all application on exterior coatings), to remove Volatile Organic Pollutants

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