About Bioziny

BioZiny is a water based Nano Engineered Antibacterial Coating for Your Home. It is nano zinc oxide (ZnO) based, easy to apply, transparent, aqueous Coating for high touch surfaces at home, hospitals, medical centers, schools, busses, trains, airplanes, busses and other public places like shopping malls, Supermarkets, children’s play areas etc.
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Our Vision

Core Purpose: To Create an Antimicrobial World



Core Values:


1. Be an explorer; Be always eager to sail the uncharted seas


2.Pour  individual uniqueness and beauty into every single thing we do


3.Understand our  limitations as human beings


4.Have Absurd Goals for making innovations happen; having goals that the minds cannot conceive accomplishing but still work towards them.


5.Excellence in Reputation & Integrity


6.Merit Based opportunity; No one is entitled to anything


7.Keep Moving Forward despite obstacles and Never Stop



Our Big Hairy Absurd Goals (BHAG)


The purpose of our existence is to harness the latest technologies in Material Science and other branches of Engineering to create a world that is active against microbes. We shall create a world that shall not allow any pandemic or epidemic to outgrow the threshold.  Our world is made of Surfaces and Spaces. In the next twenty years, we shall render every manmade surface and space in the world antimicrobial.


We shall Create an Antimicrobial World by following the next 5 steps:


1. We coat existing surfaces: We shall render existing surfaces antimicrobial without removing or replacing the surface in question. Thus we shall remove the burden of purchasing a new antimicrobial product.



2. Make Breathing Free of Risk: We are in the process of building state of the art, nanotechnology-based, inexpensive air purifiers, that shall remove disease-causing pathogens and harmful pollutants from ambient air. Our Air purifier shall be the most inexpensive state of the art air purifier in the world



3. Devices for measuring surface contamination: We can only deal with what we can see. We shall build sophisticated but inexpensive and easy to use devices that shall count pathogens on a surface or quantify surface contamination. We must understand that we are dealing with an invisible enemy and for that our ammunitions have to be different.



4.We shall make the coating process personal: We shall make the coating process so simple that a child shall be able to do it. We shall build devices for coating/painting that will be able to take away “expertise” from the process of coating/painting.



5.Load and Coat: Paints and Coating are currently available in Liquid form. This makes the handling of paints and coating difficult. We shall remove the concept of paint or coating as a liquid. Our paints and coating shall be available in the form of Cartridges and shall no longer be liquid. One just has to load and coat.



6. Get as close as possible to the customer: We shall harness Artificial Intelligence & bring our company very close to the customer by removing barriers that might lie between the company, product, and the customer.