What is BIOZINY?

BIOZINY is a set of Advanced Materials based Antimicrobial Technologies for Surfaces and Spaces

DIY Auto+

Why does your car interior need BIOZINY DIY Auto+?

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BIOZINY DIY Auto+ is an “Easy to Apply” ZnO Nanofluid-based Antimicrobial Coating that protects from pathogens lurking in the interior of the Car.

BIOZINY DIY Auto+ is very versatile and can be applied using any cloth, Cotton wool, sponge, or wipe. BIOZINY DIY Auto+ does not require any expertise for application.

BIOZINY DIY Auto+ lasts 1 month* and completely does away with the need to disinfect daily. BIOZINY works continuously and eliminates all disease-causing pathogens that might sit on a BIOZINY DIY Auto+ coated surface.

An average person spends around 100 minutes inside a vehicle every day. Internal Surfaces in Our Cars are Laden with Disease-Causing Bacteria and Viruses.

The Average Car Interior is 2144 times dirtier than a typical Smartphone, harboring 200 different types of bacteria per square inch.

32% of Drivers disinfect their car interiors only once  a year

12% does not disinfect the interiors at all

700 different strains of bacteria living in an average vehicle

The average steering wheel, which was found to have 629 CFU per square centimeter


6X dirtier than an average cell phone screen at 100 CFU

4X dirtier than a public toilet seat at 172 CFU

2X dirtier than public elevator buttons at 313 CFU

The germiest areas of the car interior are as below:

Steering Wheel


Seat Belt


Gear Shifter


Door Handles


Window Buttons


Walls and Ceilings



Bacteria Count in Various Interior Automotive Parts in CFU/Sq cm

How to apply BIOZINY DIY Auto+?

BIOZINY DIY Auto+ is very versatile and can be applied using any cloth, Cotton wool, sponge, or wipe. It is so versatile that the coating can also be applied with a Tissue Paper. A set of trials with a cloth, cotton wool, tissue paper, sponge, or wipe will lead to a better understanding of the coating liquid and application process.

To know more about the application process and maintenance of the coating please click here

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