About Bioziny

BioZiny is a water based Nano Engineered Antibacterial Coating for Your Home. It is nano zinc oxide (ZnO) based, easy to apply, transparent, aqueous Coating for high touch surfaces at home, hospitals, medical centers, schools, busses, trains, airplanes, busses and other public places like shopping malls, Supermarkets, children’s play areas etc.
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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Prevention is better than Cure!   The outbreak of COVID-19 was sudden. It was not expected. No one knew this was coming. We were not prepared. But now it has come. What to do till the time we are ready with a vaccination or a cure?   We have to stop it from spreading! We have to contain it.   More than 80% infections spread through touch –whether it is bacterial or...

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