What is BIOZINY?

BIOZINY is a set of Advanced Materials based Antimicrobial Technologies for Surfaces and Spaces



What is BIOZINY BiYOga Mat®?



BIOZINY BiYOga Mat is an antimicrobial fitness mat where the top side of the mat has been coated with a ZnO Nanoparticle-based Antimicrobial Coating that has the ability to eliminate 99.99% of Pathogens from the mat surface

Why Should You Use an Antimicrobial Fitness Mat?

Have you ever wondered that yoga can make you sick? The Culprit? Your yoga mat. Benefits of Yoga derived from months of effort can be nullified if you fall sick due to an unclean yoga mat.


– Unclean yoga mats are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other pathogens [1]


– It has been observed that there is a 50 percent spike in patients with athlete’s foot and plantar warts due to unclean yoga mats [1]


– We rarely disinfect a Mat [1]


– Yoga is generally done barefoot. Our skin comes in direct contact with the bacteria that are breeding on the surface of the Mat [1]


– Experts say a yoga mat is considered to be one of the dirtier things that you can use. And they are prone to transferring infections. For example, if a person who had a fungal skin infection were to use the mat before you, the next person to have contact with the mat is at risk for contracting the infection [1]


– A US surgeon – Dr. David Anthony Greuner – has issued a more serious warning by claiming that herpes, a virus more commonly associated with coming from sexual contact, could potentially be picked up from dirty mats [2].


– Dr Seth Rankin, a GP and chief executive of the London Doctors Clinic says “If you swab a yoga mat you probably are going to pick up viruses and certainly funguses,”[2]

Why use BIOZINY BiYOga® Mat Antimicrobial Fitness Mats?



BIOZINY BiYOga® Mat Antimicrobial Fitness mats have:



– Antimicrobial Properties that prevents skin & other infections

– Excellent Antimicrobial Properties as revealed by  JIS Z 2801:2010 and AATCC 100 tests

– Lasts almost the life of the mat – 12 Months to 24 Months

– Safe to the Skin: Uses the best food-grade ingredients 

– Excellent slip resistance advantage for a great yoga experience

– Antimicrobial Surface prevents bad odor

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[2] Should you wipe down your gym yoga mat to avoid germs? BBC News [https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-41411558]