About Bioziny

BioZiny is a water based Nano Engineered Antibacterial Coating for Your Home. It is nano zinc oxide (ZnO) based, easy to apply, transparent, aqueous Coating for high touch surfaces at home, hospitals, medical centers, schools, busses, trains, airplanes, busses and other public places like shopping malls, Supermarkets, children’s play areas etc.
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BioZiny is one way to deal with Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

What is Antimicrobial Resistance?


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the ability of a microorganism (like bacteria, viruses, and some parasites) to stop an antimicrobial (such as antibiotics, antivirals and antimalarials) from working against it. As a result, standard treatments become ineffective, infections persist and may spread to others. Thus antimicrobial resistance is making diseases difficult to treat thus making treatment costlier.

The 6 main causes of antibiotic resistance have been linked to:


1. Over-prescription & Consumption of antibiotics

2. Patients not finishing the entire antibiotic course

3. Overuse of antibiotics in livestock and fish farming

4. Poor infection control in health care settings

5. Poor hygiene and sanitation

6. Absence of new antibiotics being discovered

Antimicrobial Resistance is projected to claim a staggering 10 Million lives and will cost £ 66 Trillion in lost productivity to the global economy, if steps are not taken in the right direction

BioZiny is a way to deal with bugs even before they enter our bodies, thereby reducing the risk of these antibiotic resistant bacteria entering our bodies. Thus the risk of contracting bacterial infections can be reduced to a very large extent. When there will be lesser risk of contracting bacterial infections, people will not contract bacterial infections frequently. As a result, antibiotic intake and over – prescription of Antibiotics will also reduce.

Bacterial generally enter our bodies when we touch surfaces laden with Bacteria. Coating high touch surfaces at home, healthcare settings and public places with BioZiny will lead to clearing of antibiotic resistant bacteria from these surfaces. Thus the bugs are taken care of even before they enter our bodies, to a very large extent protect us from Bacterial Infections and reduce the need to consume antibiotics.


Thus five of the above six points can be taken care of by using BioZiny.

Indian Scenario


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has emerged as a major threat to public health estimated to cause 10 million deaths annually by 2050. India carries one of the largest burdens of drug-resistant pathogens worldwide. NDM-1 reported in 2008, rapidly spread to other countries was named after India’s capital. India is one of the largest consumers of antibiotics worldwide and antibiotic sale is increasing rapidly. AMR develops when microbes develop mechanisms to evade the action of antimicrobials. The factors that contribute to AMR include irrational and overuse of antibiotics. In India, various actions have been taken including setting up of a National Task Force on AMR Containment (2010), “Chennai Declaration” by a consortium of the Indian Medical Societies (2012), Setting of Indian Council of Medical Research national surveillance network of laboratories, “Redline” campaign for educating public and National Action Plan on AMR 2017. There is a need integrating AMR education in medical education. India needs to start the subspecialty of infectious diseases and strengthen laboratory services. Every hospital needs to have an AMR policy including infection control, improvement in hygiene, and sanitation and antibiotic use. An element of research needs to be integrated into the AMR policy and encouragement of the pharmaceutical industry to develop “superbug antibiotics.” Unless AMR is addressed effectively the gains made in health are likely to be lost.

Despite innovations in Antibiotic development, as a law of nature bacterial will mutate to evade the effects of new antibiotics. Nano ZnO powered BioZiny acts is a very different manner.