What is BIOZINY?

BIOZINY is a set of Advanced Materials based Antimicrobial Technologies for Surfaces and Spaces

About Us

Why do we exist?


We dream of a disease free healthy world – a world where every surface and space has been rendered antimicrobial or has been made active against microbes. The surfaces also act as sensors and detect pathogen content in the ambience and transmit the data to a central server. State-of-the-Art Air purifiers have been made ubiquitous. They continuously remove airborne pathogens from ambient air. The Air purifiers receive signal from the surfaces about pathogen content and they decide using the data received how effectively they should be working to keep airborne pathogens below a certain threshold level. The whole system become autonomous and works without human intervention. The system increases or decreases its effectiveness based on the data they themselves have collected from the surroundings.


The system detects and thwarts any pandemic or epidemic at the threshold.


The above scenario is not impossible. We have to start somewhere. We have thus pledged to create an antimicrobial world – A world active against microbes.


Our world is made of surfaces and spaces. We develop antimicrobial technologies for surfaces and spaces and have the vision to render every manmade surface and space antimicrobial, thereby creating an antimicrobial world in the next 20 years.


Currently, our products do not act in unison but are discreet. But the day is not far when all our products will act in unison creating an antimicrobial world and the system will be able to detect and thwart any pandemic or epidemic at the threshold.


Thereby saving millions of lives!


We are currently working on the following technologies:


1.A low cost highly efficient nanotechnology-based Air Purifier that can eliminate airborne pathogens, VOCs, Gasses, Odour, and Particulate pollutants.


2. A nanotechnology-based process for the removal of Carbon Dioxide and converting it to fuels that can be used.


3. Nanoengineered intelligent surface coatings for walls that would act as sensors and detect & quantify airborne pathogens.